Capcom has published a new trailer dedicated to Monster Hunter: World as well as the first details on post-launch plans. The new trailer features some of the Elderly Dragons in the game, including the steel dragon Kushala Daora and the flaming one Teostra.

In addition to these creatures, the clip shows Dodogma, a viverna that feeds on rocks (name vaguely inspired by a race of Zelda that, guardacaso, feeds on rocks!).

Owners of PlayStation 4 can participate in the final beta of the game starting from 18 January (up to 22 January). This last look at the game before its release date, set for the 26 January, includes the quests that were available in previous beta as well as the ability to deal with the Nergigante.

As for the post-launch content, the first update of the title, which we remember will all be free, will arrive in the spring and will add the legendary Deviljho. Take the knives and sharpen the blades, the hunt is about to leave.