The web is now full of reviews of Monster Hunter World.

The game of Capcom is receiving enthusiastic reviews from most of the international press and not, but here we want to give you a couple of tips if you are going to approach us for the first time to this fantastic world. These are simple tips that an experienced player already knows or should know, but as the ancients said: "Repetita iuvant"

  1. Learn to know the maps: take your time and study the maps with all the steps. It can make the difference between having to run around a monster for minutes or finding the easy way to reach it. Also around the various game areas you may find useful consumables for the mission you are facing or to complete some secondary quest.
  2. Trust the driving insects: one of the new features of Monster Hunter World, these fireflies that wander around you will be your guide in this fantastic world.
  3. Choose the weapon carefully: there are 14 weapons in Monster Hunter World and each of them has unique characteristics. Choose a pair of weapons in which to specialize (it is impossible, unless you do a full-time job, use them all) and know how to modify them according to need. Remember that you can also change your crew in camps.
  4. Use the surrounding environment: unlike previous chapters, knowing how to use what surrounds us is fundamental (and so we refer to point n.1). Gaining an advantageous position to launch an attack from above or simply finding a shelter to be able to refuel and use a cote to sharpen our weapon again is essential, and makes hunting easier.
  5. Know the enemy: the monsters you will encounter have all their characteristics and habits. Learn to know their weak points to kill them or catch them faster, but also know how they interact with each other. Oh yes, you will find more than one at a time and you will have to know how to behave at that moment: escape or fight, it all depends on your knowledge.
  6. Plan your equipment upgrades: taking advantage of the crafting menu that the game provides us, we can plan in advance what we would like to build in the future, also using the "wish list" option. Having the most effective equipment possible for each type of mission, is a major advantage during the hunt.
  7. Organize your bag: ok, you've got everything you need to go on a mission. But know how to organize your inventory in an intelligent way: in moments of agitation, wasting time looking for an antidote while being poisoned, could lead you to a preventable KO.
  8. Ask for helpEven when you're in single player mode, you can launch an SOS that people can answer online and help you out, when you realize that the mission is too difficult for you at that time.

And are you ready for Monster Hunter World?