A news that could start to make us dream, thinking about those third chapters that the whole world has been waiting for years but that does not seem to have ever been taken into consideration by Valve: the US company in fact will become more committed to the development and publication of titles, after a period of slowdown.

The same was true Gabe Newell during the press presentation event Artifact; responding to the questions of some journalists, Newell explained that for a long time Valve has focused on "investments necessary for the future"Like Steam, but what society is now ready to come back with new games, first of all its Artifact:

Artifact is just the first of a series of games that will come. I think this can be considered an interesting news, like Urra! Valve is coming back to make games!

In fact, besides this we do not know much, except that Valve is working on three PC games dedicated to HTC Vive; we'll see if in the future Newell and his company will announce something new, maybe belonging to a series that everyone has been waiting a long time.