A little over a month is left to arrive Battlefield V, which had been recently postponed following feedback received during thealpha closed, the E3 and Gamescom. With the allegedly made case modifications and revised flaws, it really is everything is ready for the new awaited chapter of the franchise; what better time to take a look at the official campaign trailer single player?

The campaign single player di Battlefield V it will take place in chapters dedicated to individuals involved in the greatest military conflict of the history of humanity. These anthological chapters, known as War Stories, will range from the resistance in Norway to sabotage behind enemy lines. One of these stories will not be ready for launch, but will debut in December - it's about The Last Tiger, which as the name suggests will have as its protagonist the crew of a German tank, note il Tiger.
The trailer is available in full below.

Battlefield V November 20 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.