In the gaming center of Massachusetts, Boda Borg to add six new Quest spaces in 2020

MALDEN, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Boda Borg Boston, a reality gaming experience featuring live-action Quests in the heart of Malden, today announced an expansion to add six new Quest spaces and an additional 4,000 square footage next to its original 90 Pleasant St. location. The expansion will increase Boda Borg Boston’s capacity over 30 percent once the new Quests open in 2020.

“The city of Malden has been a fantastic home for us,” said Chad Ellis, founder of Boda Borg Boston. “Company outings, university visits and Questers from all around Greater Boston and beyond have consistently kept us busy, and we knew it was time for a bigger and better Boda Borg Boston. We’re excited to give our fans six new Quests to experience over the next year.”

Boda Borg, a reality gaming experience originating from Sweden, opened its first U.S. location in Malden, Mass. in 2015. Boda Borg Boston continues the company’s tradition of providing unique challenges that test teams of 3-5 Questers on their mental and physical strength, as well as their flexibility. The Boston site currently has 19 immersive, live-action, themed Quests, including a magical potions class, piracy on the high seas, answering the riddle of the Sphinx and raiding a pantry as a team of rats, all within the original 30,000 square foot facility.

With the expansion, Boda Borg Boston will offer up to 25 Quests, all ranging in themes, that place Questers in the eye of a hurricane, on a damaged spaceship, or in a maze that can only be completed with careful teamwork. Boda Borg offers a variety of physicality options with Green (ADA compliant, no strenuous activity) being the easiest, to Red (light climbing and/or crawling), to Black (ninja warrior-type obstacles) being the most difficult.

Malden has quickly become a gaming center for Massachusetts with Boda Borg, Bit Bar, 8D Room Escape and Board Games, Waynoo Gaming Café, and Hobby Bunker all growing their businesses in the heart of downtown.

“We are so pleased that Boda Borg Boston has found a home in Malden,” said Mayor Gary Christenson. “In bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors to our downtown, they have greatly benefited our restaurants and retail and have become the centerpiece of our Gaming District designation. Their expansion can only continue to fuel Malden’s surge and we wish them the best.”

Since opening, Boda Borg Boston has had over 600,000 total visits from Questers all over the world. In addition to individuals, companies and universities like Wayfair and Harvard have booked over 100 outings each at Boda Borg Boston to strengthen their teams and have fun as a group.

For more information about Boda Borg Boston, visit or call 781-321-1081. Tickets are available starting at $24 for two hours of Questing, or $36 to Quest “as long as you like.”

About Boda Borg
Boda Borg is an interactive reality gaming company that immerses participants into a world of hands-on, live-action adventures known as Quests. Originated in Sweden in the mid-1990s, Boda Borg is also located in Sweden, Ireland, the U.S. and will open its newest site in Zurich. For more information, visit


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