The older ones of you will surely remember how fun it was to play your favorite title in the company of someone, from the first fps like "Medal of Honor", or to the wildest races with "CTR" on the old and dear PS1, almost always ending all with a nice and healthy "fist fight" in harmony (or almost) with your little brother / sister or with some cheating friend who, in order to win, disconnected the controller, thus starting your very first domestic civil wars followed then, obviously, from the screams of your mother who uttered the usual words "look, I'll turn it off!". maxresdefault CTR

Well, with the passing of the years and with the arrival of online gaming on consoles (and the very nice subscriptions to pay), this fun has been increasingly lost, thus making sure that even the developers focused their interest only and exclusively on online multiplayer, almost entirely omitting the split. Especially in recent times, on consoles it seems almost impossible to find a title to play in company, perhaps in one of those winter evenings in which you decide to stay at home, and then find yourself having to resort to those 2-3 games that still , albeit barely, guarantee the split-screen. A good example can be Halo: after being one of the best titles ever to be played even with 16 people, all simultaneously present within the same walls (using the system link), with a twist the 343 decide not to implement multiplayer locale in their latest creation, Halo5.

3-1 halo multi

In short, surely this mode is one of the most beautiful ones that exist, where anyone can play against or together with a person on the other side of the Earth, but we really want to do forever without the fun that can give a good match played on the same screen with your friends?