It is now well-known that YouTube will soon overtake television for content and visualizations, so that some sports federations prefer streaming streams on Google's home platform rather than on television. We all know that gamers, boys and girls who, for pleasure or for the sake of success, recorded their games at gameplay (video jumps) on YouTube Italia and then uploaded them to the Tube. These guys play mainly at videogames known to the public to show their ability, thus increasing their views.

A gamer in the middle of a League of Legends match
A gamer in the middle of a League of Legends match

However, it often happens that as soon as they reach important goals (at least 10.000 subscribers), they will be contacted by independent developers with the purpose of advertise their games by playing them in video by these gamers. This is the example of Minecraft, the well-known notch game signed Notch is perhaps the most famous among indie games. It has become famous all over the world thanks to YouTube, and has achieved such a success that has recently been acquired by Microsoft and has also been made available for XBOX, PlayStation and WiiU.

So let's go to the main question: what would be the end of the indie games if there were no gamers on YouTube? For small independent developers, life would be tougher: they should all do the same for everything on Steam, the well-known platform to buy digital games, and they should be advertised, perhaps by offering a demo version, opening pages about social and creating trailers made as it should. All this because there would be no one who could advertise for them the games. Despite the various steps, it is not said that the indie game has the same success it can have thanks to the gamers. This, of course, would be beneficial to large-scale manufacturers, gamers who, while not fearing the comparison, would have less rivals in the race for the most sales.

Are we sure that the fashion of gamers is actually the ruin of YouTube and the world of video games?

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