The future is officially in pre-order. Palmer Luckey (founder of Oculus VR) has in fact decided to become Befana making it possible to pre-purchase the Oculus Rift on January 6, through its official website. If the availability for the Italian market reassures us, the price does a little less: well 742 euros (including shipping). We expected it, but leaving aside the judgment on the crazy prices of technology and life due to consumerism, certainly the beautiful invention will be penalized as it will remain relegated to a small group of possible buyers. Also pay attention to the specifications of your PC: before the pre-purchase you are in fact invited to download a tool to check the compatibility of your PC with the Oculus.


The viewer (or head-mounted display) will be delivered towards the month of May, except for delays, with two titles: Lucky's Tale and Eve: Valkirie created ad hoc to better explore the capabilities and functions of the jewel. Furthermore, Luckey, through his Twitter profile, reassures users by stating that there will be no risk of sold out and that it will be available until requested.

All beautiful, although this year I think I will limit the traditional sock!