It was released yesterday on Youtube, from the channel iRam Gamer, the first trailer of Shadow Moses. For someone who has lost something, Shadow Moses is nothing more than that a remake made exclusively by a fan (Airam Hernandez his name) of the title Metal Gear Solid, dated 1998 (Shadow Moses is obviously resumed with the name of the famous fantasy island in the game). The intention is to modernize the game using the graphical engine Unreale Engine 4, to understand the same as Gears of War 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3. From the short video duration (1 min and 52 sec) you can already see the great improvements to the texture, the lights and then the graphics in general.

The project is undoubtedly ambitious, it will require hard work and, personally, I will support it in the best possible way. It's always great to be able to watch stories of this kind, where passion is the only real driving force of their work, which requires tremendous commitment and consistency, especially for projects like this where they usually work in teams and with guaranteed earnings.

But, there is a but ... as Airam points out on the page Facebook of the game, responding to those who only complained of the few content of the trailer, is the Konami to have the rights to MGS and, sooner or later, they will have to ask for full use. So, in the no remote case that permits are not granted, it is better to lose a job just started than years and years of effort. I would say it does not bend.

We have prolonged enough, enjoy the trailer and, I recommend, do not fap yourself too much.