The highly anticipated FPS 6v6 of Blizzard he continues to talk about himself, amongst others beta hiccups, details about a not very clear future and a Mom who wants it at all costs eSports.

Overwatch Logo
Game release is programmed within 21 / 6 / 2016

Blizzy recently confirmed that the beta of Overwatch will come back the end of February without, as usual, to leave a veil of mystery and, consequently, to foment the generated hype, provide additional details.

According to what stated, the development team he seems to be concentrating to provide one new mode, to add to the already present Point Capture e Payload, and new maps.

Let's remember that the Overwatch formula will be P2P without monthly subscriptions (pay to play NDR) and all that post-launch content, assures Blizzy Mom, they will be free.

The title will approached simultaneously PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One ma DON'T will support the cross platform as each platform will have its own servers and will not light up Mac.