If in a previous mine article I was talking about how some video games could take their cue from fantasy and surreal stories, this time I have to recognize the enormous potential that reality (unfortunately) also offers. What, then, is the best human representation of no-sense, of the fantastic, of the disarming IQ that makes him an almost INCREDIBLE PRICE if not Salveenee? We knew it was special, but from today we can finally give it the epithet it deserves: SUPERHERO.
However, this will only be true if we are to support the crowfunding campaign for "Call of Salveenee".

Marco Guzzo (creator of the game) has in fact put his project online on the site “Produzioni dal Basso”, in which anyone can participate and with the amount they want. This step is of fundamental importance not only to continue developing the game, but to do it without constraints and with the desired freedom of expression, which would certainly be lost if it were to need private funding from the big brands. On page of the project, as well as of course donating, you will find all the information you need. Meanwhile, here is a small summary of the contents.

A screenshot showing the main feature of our hero: the VIUUULEEENZA!

As already mentioned, you will take on the role of Salveenee and help him in his crusade for the liberation of the Marò! Your weapons will be Populism and RUSPEH, while your enemies will be mainly Terroni and Zingarelli. There will, however, be no strong powers that will try at all costs to block your glorious march towards liberation: Renzie, Peppe Gryllo and the infamous Half Ano.
If you decide to fund the project, there are several rewards for your donation sums: thanks to the site and video game, in-game bonuses such as DLC, skin and characters inspired by you to physical material such as statues and t-shirts dedicated to ' epic adventure.

This, however, is not just a campaign for the development of a video game. This is also and above all a campaign in defense of fundamental and untouchable values ​​such as satire and Freedom of expression. In doing so, the opportunity will finally be taken to show the videogame world that even in Italy it is possible to create high-level video games.

I leave you with the inaugural video of the campaign, where the creator Marco Guzzo will delight us with great irony and some anticipation.