Many of us surely were waiting for her, especially the most outspoken fans of the 47 Agent, but so many are still unconvinced about it, well, we hope there is no doubt about it. In this BETA of the new HITMAN, Io-Interactive invites us to join our assassin in his first assignment at the International Contract Agency.

August 25th, 2012 @ 06: 04: 36

Called "The Prologue," the Beta takes place twenty years before the Paris mission begins. Placed in an IC's secret training camp, Prologo has a crucial moment in the life of Agent 47 - its arrival at ICA and its first meeting with its future Diana Burnwood. The Prologo has two sections for free training, which will introduce players to the features and mechanics of the next HITMAN. The Prologue will also be available as part of the first episode of the title itself.

To win an access to HITMAN Beta, just book the digital version of the game for PlayStation 4 on PSN or PC on Steam.

All pre-orders include the 'classic' REQUIEM pack that includes exclusive in-game digital elements inspired by Hitman: Blood Money including the Requiem Legacy white jumper, Blood Money shirt, tie and gloves, an ICA-19 chromed silencer and explosive paper.

PlayStation users will also have access to The Sarajevo Six. 6 Bonus Contracts, each of these will be released with every location and will see 47 Agent travel around the world looking for six members of a paramilitary unit named CICADA, this secondary story is exclusive to PlayStation 4 users.

I leave you here the Beta trailer:

We remind you that HITMAN will launch 11 March for PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC.