N is calling out players from all over the world, inviting them to the open weekend of the multiplayer Uncharted 4: End of a Thief. Starting from 4 March at 18.00, uncharted-4-multiplayerthe event dedicated to the game will begin, during which you will have the chance to test the online version of the title in total preview. The beta is already downloadable from PlayStation Store, so you can access the game as soon as the servers are ready. Needless to say that in virtue of the further return that has suffered the title, this could be a wonderful opportunity to test and enjoy in uncharted-4_multiplayer 2I anticipate its peculiarities. Furthermore, your participation in this initiative will hopefully contribute actively to the optimization work of the developers, who will thus be able to test both the network infrastructure and the match search system. However, don't take what you see too seriously, as more changes will likely be made before the final launch, which has already been postponed to the second week of May. You will not need to be a PlayStation Plus member and will be able to access the game until Monday 7 March at 08.59. 

Have fun and maybe comment on your impressions of what you have seen.