fable legends

How many times have children been told fairy tales, in which at last everyone lived happily ever after? never would have thought that there were stories that coming to an end, unfortunately, is not the "good" to triumph, but in its place only discourage and sadness, there are many stories that end in this way and one of these is just that of the minds, very imaginative, creators of the most famous fairy tales in the videogame world, we are talking about the guys at Lionhead Studios. A few days ago Microsoft officially announced the closure, with the consequent cancellation of the development of the now known Fable Legends, which should have landed on PC and Xbox One. Many were impressed by this event, especially the most passionate, become fans of the Fable series, starting from its first debut on the old and dear Xbox (we could not write One since someone has come up with the brilliant idea to call the his new console ... "cof! cof! ... yes Microsoft let's talk about you).2000px-Lionhead_Studios_logo.svg

Good news in all this there (hopefully it is), apparently, in view of some tweets it seems that both Epic games that Sony are trying to "recruit" part of the old components of now failed Lionhead Studios, inviting them to participate in some nice talks "For a chat and a drink", as written by Sony.

That was some sort of commercial choice this is sure, it remains only to understand if all this bustle will lead to something good or the simple loss of a SH that could have let us still live many other fantastic stories of kings, little princes and so much magic ; Well, what to say, we hope that everything goes well for the components of the same. Let us know what you think by commenting below or through any social media.