Well, what you are about to read is a crazy breaking news, even more so because it is strictly nourished. It is in fact Italian Alessio Cosenza, programmer and creator of the Power Glove ULTRA! The older ones will remember Nintendo's Power Glove: well, this experiment (which he so defined) is nothing more than a reworking done by implementing more recent technologies, such as the Arduino micro controller (more and more famous and used).
We are therefore talking about a net enhancement to the already iconic NES controller which, as Cosenza's intention, will receive the dignity it deserves thanks to improvements such as: ability to send 360 ° data on the position of the arm and to track finger movements, compatibility with modern platforms without wires or without other hardware.

We in the editorial team are very excited, we can't wait to try it: the intuition was exceptional as well as its product. Product that, for now, does not seem to be intended for marketing.

We just have to congratulate Alessio and invite you to watch the presentation trailer. If you want to know more, here the place of the Power Glove ULTRA!