Okay, let's lose the way nobody likes Bubisoft, Between DLC, bugs,, referrals ed Early Access Alpha masked by games ready for the general public.

In my opinion Watch Dogs it was not bad as a product, I grant it, but from here to wait for me following he wants it. The fact is, in these two years the guys were given to do. Announced right these days Watchdogs 2, which will come out concurrently on PC, PS4 e Xbox One il 15 November.

Il groups and teams who has dealt with the realization of this second chapter has remained same of the first.

Il concept at the base is almost identical, it will be a matter of concern computer security, privacy e hackingobviously all very fictional.

The setting will be located in the San Francisco Bay and will see him as the protagonist Marcus Holloway. The city in question adopted the ctOS 2.0, an advanced operating system that handles virtually every facet and infrastructure. It will also be possible to violate not only the infrastructure but also the citizens and devices in their possession. Like the previous chapter, you can have a more or less approach stealth depending on your taste.

Ah and there are the drones.