On the occasion of the last E3 of Los Angeles, KOEI TECMO Games, the Japanese company born from the fusion of the parents of DYNASTY WARRIORS and those of DEAD OR ALIVE, announced a new title based on the license of another, very popular manga. After the various Warriors taken from Mobile Suit Gundam, Fist of the Warrior and the most recent one Arslan's Legend, Omega Force has made agreements with the publisher Hakusensha to re-transpose into the video game the famous manga of Kentaro Miura: BERSERK.


Do you remember the animated show broadcast on Italia 1 at nighttime of distant 2001? Narra gestures of Guts e Griffith (Gatsu e Grifis, if you prefer Italian cartoon names), members of the Falcons Team who made their way into the world of mercenaries of a fantasy Middle Ages in what was then remembered as the narrative arc of the Golden Age, a kind of prologue for the true, crude and bloody setting imagined by the Japanese author. Angry black, without an eye and with a heavy mechanical arm, the revived Guts, armed with a sword as big as himself, will seek revenge against his old friend and companion for the unspeakable cruelty committed in the event known as the Eclipse.

But before we go further in the history of BERSERK and before it comes to tell you how Kentaro Miura managed to get us in witches, do, trolls and ended up getting away from the pencils to dedicate themselves to the lightest (but not innocent) themes of THE iDOLM @ STER, we get to the point: what will come to Japan next September 21th on the PlayStation consoles, then get to the West on PlayStation 4, PS Vita e PC means Steam in the following months, others is just another iteration of the franchise Warriors (musou, at home): in this genre of games we are called to face hordes of enemies, more or less fierce, making our way between outposts to conquer and mini-bosses to take out with incredible special attacks, completing one mission after another and enjoying beautiful cutscenes that unravel the plot.


In the trailer and in the images we show below, this morning, released by the Japanese company, we can admire the extreme fidelity of the original cartoon aesthetics that, after the 2000 TV series of the early XNUMX and the recent feature films narrated the first narrative arc, will be reinterpreted in animation starting next July. Let's enjoy the first excerpts of gameplay through the trailer and the screenshots above.

BERSERK - The trailer