Pokémon Go in Ip
Error screen

Bad surprise for those who have downloaded the Pokémon Go apk. Starting the app from Italy, in fact, an error message will appear. This happens because access to the game servers is blocked by Italy and the only way to play them is by using a proxy server or a VPN. Apparently Niantic, noticing the leak, applied the block to order the publication of the game and to breathe the already overloaded servers. Some Italian players are still connected because they have not logged out, but in all probability the next time they log in they will have the error message. It seems clear that Niantic will not delete user accounts, but we are not sure about this as we have no official communication from the developers nor do we know the official release date in Italy.

UPDATE: Servers are back accessible, probably they were problems due to server overloads or problems with the login server from Italy