The July 27 2010 the first chapter of the Starcraft 2 saga. We therefore take this opportunity to pay our best wishes to Wings of Liberty and the whole saga for the 6 years of life.
One of the titles that has most marked my videogame career so far and that will continue to do so. An endless masterpiece that, starting from '98 up to now, has been able to renew itself without making a mistake and continuing to thrill fans all over the world. Let's not forget, moreover, that we are talking about the best-selling titles: Starcraft is playing the best-selling PC game in history with The Sims (over 7 million copies sold), while Starcraft: Wings of Liberty is "satisfied" with its 4,5 mln. Considered by many the best RTS of course, one does not know much about the future of the saga, except that with the Legacy of The Void the story of Raynor, Kerrigan and Aiur is definitely over. Next Starcraft will have new protagonists and new stories.
Last but not least, Blizzard for the week from 22 to 29 has scheduled a series of rewards for all players, available here. Advance only to casual players to run a game: just play one in any mode to get a new (but above all only) ritratto.
Meanwhile, most enthusiasts will have pre-purchased mission packs Nova: Secret Operations. These 3 packs, each containing 3 missions, will give us the chance to follow the vicissitudes of Nova (the famous as well as terran ghost) who is kidnapped without remembering anything. The first pack is already available, the second will finally be downloadable in Europe from the 3 August (from 2 in America). You can find them here.


Wanting to make my personal homage to this saga, I will do it by answering the question "What is your best memory related to SC2?", Posted by Blizzard on the official FB page.

I do not know how "beautiful" can be considered; surely, it will always be very strongly and overbearingly in my head. The betrayal of Tychus and his murder at the hands of Raynor
will remain among the most unexpected and exciting scenes I've ever experienced in a video game. I was truly incredulous. I did not understand ... Tychus ?! How why? Why, Tychus ... why? You will always remain among the best characters I have ever played.

"Tychus ... what did you do?"
"A pact with the devil Jimmy ... she dies, I'm free"
"We all have to make choices"
"What a pity…"