Sony Interactive Entertainment announces that another classic PlayStation 2 is available, through emulation, on its current floorboards, PlayStation 4. It is Ape Escape 2, a sequel to the first game on the original PlayStation that made an innovative use of the then unreleased analog levers of DualShock.

You can download Ape Escape 2 via PlayStation Store at the price of 9,99 €, which will become 7,49 € if you subscribe to the service PlayStation Plus (but only until the next 9 August).

Ape Escape 2

Jimmy had one ONLY task: delivering a load of monkey pants to the monkey park. However, the load also contained Peak-Point helmets for intensifying intelligence!

The good news? All monkeys are wearing pants. It is a game suitable for the whole family.

The bad news? The wicked primate Specter is back in possession of his intellectual faculties and is controlling monkeys to conquer the world!

We recommend putting you to work, Jimmy ...

This classic for PlayStation®2 comes with a much better graphics with PlayStation®4 HD format and features many features including Trophies, Share Play, Remote Playback, Activity Feed, and Second Screen Support see PlayStation®Vita or PlayStation®App PlayStation®App.

Since the title has been converted from the original version for PlayStation®2 to PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®2 devices are not supported, sometimes the game action may differ from the original or some features might not be available.

This product is available in the following languages: English