Through the pages of the famous Japanese weekly Famitsu, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment unveils the first information about downloadable content DARK SOULS III, the last fatigued fatigue FromSoftware e Hidetaka Miyazaki.

This first DLC will take the title of "Ashes of Ariandel"And the next one will be available 25 October all over the world, although we only know the price for the Japanese market at the moment: 1.200 Yen, equivalent to about 10,60 Euro at the current exchange rate.

Ashes of Ariandel will include special weapons such as a large sword wrapped in flames, new spells and miracles (ice storm, light circle and more) and a PvP map named "Immortal Arena".

At the price of 2.000 Yen (17,60 Euro) instead, a Season Pass which will include this and future paid content, along with a custom theme for PlayStation 4; of course DLCs will also be available for versions PC e Xbox One, as anticipated by the official trailer released by the company, in Italian. Good vision.