On the Youtube channel of PC Gamer has been released a first video gameplay showing in action mode Duel di For Honor. The protagonists of this new movie are kensei, Warder e Raider, who fight in 1vs1 fighting to find out who is really the strongest warrior ever.

It is impossible not to take into account the excellent technical profile of the title: textures, animations and landscapes are really great, as are the glimpses that can be created during a common combat on a bridge or at a ' interior of medieval structures.

The desire to play this For Honor is really a lot but for now we can not help but be comfortable and observe in every single detail this gameplay video showing the title in all its majesty.

Finally, we remind you that For Honor will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC starting from a date not yet specified of the 2017 and that the closed alpha is playable from today.

We leave you to the video, good vision!

For Honor - Gameplay Duel Mode