The European division of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announced the arrival in Italy of Dragon Ball Fusions, the new game for Nintendo 3DS drawn from the popular animated and comic series of Akira Toriyama. This RPG developed by Ganbarion has the peculiarity, as the name itself suggests, to make available to players the most diverse meltings between the characters of the Dragon Ball universe.

As we can admire in the announcement trailer available below, we will be able to face an original story with a custom avatar, in the course of which we will happen to merge Gohan with Krillin, Yamcha with Tenshinhan, but also make a maxifusione between Goku, Goten, Bread, Trunks and our avatar to give birth to a formidable warrior. Can you wait until February?

Dragon Ball Fusions - Trailer Italian


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe announces DRAGON BALL FUSIONS, a new action-RPG of Dragon Ball for Nintendo 3DS. DRAGON BALL FUSIONS will be launched in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia in February of 2017.

DRAGON BALL FUSIONS, currently under development at Ganbarion Co., Ltd in Fukuoka, Japan, is the new title in the Dragon Ball series that will appear on the Nintendo 3DS platform. DRAGON BALL FUSIONS is an action-RPG that combines combat, personalization and collection of elements to give life to the world of Dragon Ball. The game includes a huge amount of characters taken from the anime series and the movies of Dragon Ball. Players will have the opportunity to take part in an original story of Dragon Ball in the Adventure mode of DRAGON BALL FUSIONS, or to fight in Multiplayer Battle Mode.

In DRAGON BALL FUSIONS players can combine the powers of different characters to create endless combinations. Those who wish to share DRAGON BALL FUSIONS can use the Nintendo 3DS camera to take pictures with friends and apply them to the characters of Dragon Ball or exchange special moves with nearby players.

DRAGON BALL FUSIONS will be launched in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia in February of 2017, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.
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