As a title, the CD Projekt Red has announced the first stress test that will take place today 23 and the 27 of September. As specified by them, the intention is to test once and for all their hosts before the Gwent Closed Beta release: The Witcher Card Game, the 25 October. The title of the initiative is (as well as original) appropriate: "Kill the Servers!"Is in fact the name given to the days in which players will have to connect simultaneously to" kill "the Polish servers.

As is readily mentioned, "Kill the Servers!" Does not NOTHING what about Closed Beta: events are separate and participation in one does not exclude the other. From the point of view, however, I do not think there will be much time to "play" or to have fun in this very early stage.
Always among the FAQs is reported that the event is for PC only and the (restricted) accesses will be based on the chronological order of access request: who arrives before it enters.

It does not therefore remain that to signal the page to register you, that you can find here . Let us know if you can get in and, if so, what you think.