The number pages of Famitsu coming out this week in Japan have revealed the title and the first details for the new spin-off chapter of the Kenichiro Takaki. It is SENRAN KAGURA: Peach Beach Splash which, as estimated, will be a third-person shooter that makes extensive use of water guns and wet t-shirts.

The title will provide players with various types of weapons loaded with water and will be again set in a summer environment, such as the last ESTIVAL VERSUS also released here in Europe. Among the protagonists already confirmed are Asuka, Yumi, Katsuragi, Ikaruga, Homura, Mirai, Ryona, Kafuru, Ayame e Kagura, but we're willing to bet that the cast will include all the heroines that appeared in the last episode of the saga.

The exit is expected in Japan for the next March 16 su PlayStation 4 and more details will be announced in the coming days.

SENRAN KAGURA: Peach Beach Splash, Famitsu's preview

SENRAN KAGURA: Peach Beach Splash