Earlier this month, Ubisoft and Game Designer di Beyond Good & Evil 2, Michel Ancel, have confirmed that after a long troubled game development, where the production rhythms were somewhat swelling, the title finally entered pre-production. Ancel has been releasing some new information on the background of the development of the title and the elements that will characterize this brand new game.

In a post on his Instagram profile, Ancel has shared some concept art of the title from "behind the scenes"Dating back to the 2008, where it was possible to observe the initial designs of some characters (including the protagonists Jade e Pey'j). The game, at that time of development, "was playable with many prototypes"

However, Ancel has underlined that the title at that time was suffering from several technical problems, due to the sudden and uneven development. Faced with choosing to cut a "the game of our dreams"Or to park for some time the project to work on some other title, Ancel and his team deciding to"return to 2D", Working from that moment on on Rayman Origins e Rayman Legends.

Ancel also shared some features that will cover the titles, such as "exploration of planets, travels in space and cities". However, according to Game Designer, these elements should have been present since the release of the original Beyond Good & Evil but later opted to introduce them into a subsequent chapter.

Ancel concluded by saying, "We still have a lot of work but now technology is ready and the team is great!"

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is currently under development and we are waiting for possible information on the release period.