While everyone has their eyes on the new Nintendo Switch, there are those who take a step back and prefer to draw conclusions on the marketing strategies of Nintendo. Paul Jackson, an analyst at the market consultancy firm Ovum, who does not tell her about the Wii U, even considered "a car accident", takes the floor. Accident so serious, in his view, to make the Nintendo Switch "the last attempt" to sell a fixed console. The data, however, is clear: the Wii U has sold one-tenth of the Wii and has been largely surpassed by rivals Xbox One and PS4. Also according to Jackson, "because he made the communication unclear and confused everyone about the functionality of the screen and the controller".

He concludes, not being surprised by the choice of a hybrid for the Switch: "two of their most successful consoles are portable, the Gameboy and the DS have sold more than 100 mln each". You can find the complete interview here.

Will Nintendo succeed in raising your head? If they did not succeed, citing the Wii U as an accident, they could devote themselves to creating innovative pills the next day ... for consoles!