What follows is one of the most exciting and hilarious news I have ever written. "Because when you're scared, the 2 issue could become the 1 issue." With this phrase, Outlast creators introduce their line of diapers (and not only) on Kickstarter. The goal to be achieved is $ 40.000 by December 9th: currently they are around 7.500. However, I recommend you visit the page and see for yourself what they were able to create, complete with (brilliant) videos and technical explanations. Here, for example, are the characteristics of the two versions of the diaper: basic and deluxe!




The following image instead illustrates the various "bundles" available, starting from a base of 10 dollars up to a maximum of 6.666. The latter, in addition to being limited to one piece, contains the Outcast chapel used at PAX East. With 55 dollars you can have the basic diaper and a steam key for Outlast 2!

As already mentioned, the event is lucrative and damn comical. If you are a fan of the title, you have to make a thought and let the project go into the port.




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