Marvelous! ha announced the results of the popular survey that launched in the direction of all Japanese fans of SENRAN KAGURA, his pruriginal set of tips that has been able to carve out a good slice of fans even here in Italy.

This survey, titled "Big Boobs Hyper-Election"Then concludes with one Check these top 10 of the most beloved roster series girls. Next to the name, before the number of votes of the first three, find the bra size of each of our heroines (Japanese size, clearly). The winners will enjoy exclusive illustrations that will be distributed as posters at the next event in Japan.

We remind you that SENRAN KAGURA will enjoy a new episode for the next 16 March, in Japan, exclusively for PlayStation 4: It is SENRAN KAGURA: PEACH BEACH SPLASH, a third-person shooter characterized by the presence of water bikinis and mostly white whites. Let's find out who the absolute winner is and tell us if you agree with the Japanese audience!

SENRAN KAGURA - Big Boobs Hyper-Election

  1. Yumi (F-cup) - 1.553 votes
  2. Hikage (E-cup) - 1.302 ratings
  3. Yomi (H-cup) - 1.058 votes
  4. Ikaruga (G-cup)
  5. Yozakura (H-cup)
  6. Asuka (F-cup)
  7. Mirai (A-cup)
  8. Shiki (I-cup)
  9. Ryobi (AAA-cup / I-cup)
  10. Kafuru (C-cup)