As you well know by now, the famous actress Carrie Fisher passed away yesterday at the age of sixty. The announcement was greeted with all the emotions of the case, especially among the fans: amazement, emotion, sadness. Emotions that, among the thousand present and future tributes, have emerged in the singular ones of the videogame world.

Carrie FisherStarting with Harvey Smith, co-founder of Arkane Studios, who remembers with a tweet the little work they did together Dishonored: Carrie Fisher is the alternative propaganda voice if, in the game, the main male voice is killed. This is a small easter egg you can see below.

But the most evocative one, in my opinion "creepy", Is the tribute of the Star Wars: The Old Republic community. In just a few hours, in fact, hundreds of players spontaneously presented themselves at the Organa Castle to make the last affectionate, due, virtual (but not too much) homage to the late Princess Leila.

Carrie Fisher


All we can do is join us in the huge wave of condolences. Hello princess!