Finally here we are. Today exactly one year ago, this site renewed its training to give a decisive turn to the project. The Oculus was just announced, Call of Salveenee started crowdfunding and we opened again. And now, as they say, we can and must take stock.

For the whole staff, it was a year of experience. How could it be otherwise. From project management, to timing, to what to write and how. For many it was the first time but we were determined and willing to go all the way: we did it and we're doing it. Without taking away, however, the many satisfactions that we have managed to take away from us: from the visualizations that increase more and more until that day that the server even went out; from the brands that contact us for collaborations to the many compliments received.

How do you understand, the purpose of We're talking about Video Games it is not that of presenting itself as a mere daily news site: in addition to being already infinite, it would be totally useless and trivial. During the year we have always tried to offer content of a certain type, whether we are talking about indie or our own programmers, fanmade and so much more (and yes, even the almost hentai crap that, let's not deny it, we like so much) . Not only that, we have always tried to fully exploit YOUR contribution, how? Creating discussions, exchanging ideas, opinions with interest and above all without intermediaries. Situation that would be unthinkable in a place intent only on mechanically publishing sterile news and without opinion. Your comments, your words remind us that we are doing well. The intent is, obviously, to do even better by creating new columns, formats, etc. We are at work.

Finally, we come to the thanks. All this would of course be impossible if it had not been there Fraws. Yes, really him.
For us now Francesco, he followed us step by step without ever depriving us of autonomy and indeed, leaving us the hand when needed. He has empowered us and if we all really feel like the pillars of this project it is thanks to him. A mutual thanks between all of us groups and teams, wishing us good luck for the future.
Last but not least, from everything we talk about Video Games: thanks to you. Because, it is clear, without you who take your time to read our articles, writing would be in vain but above all unsatisfactory. Thanks to those who participate, to those who follow us, to those who encourage us and to those who light the flames. Everything is beautiful.

Why, always remember, we do it for you. As ***********.