Accattino is back. For the lazy there is the video explanatory!

As you have surely already noticed the title today I want to propose you a method to play Free. a World of Warcraft. If you already know this method, avoid comments like "You've Discovered Hot Water" OTHER THAN HORIZONTALITY BEFORE NOW YOU HAVE SPARAGNINI BEING ATTENTION.

There are two points to make about, first of all you must of course already own the game, the last expansion included,active account, you can then invest with 12,90 € play Free. forever.

The second clarification that I feel obliged to do is that since I have the memory of a goldfish I have obviously forgotten to say that this method is aimed at purchasing the World of Warcraft Token through the virtual game currency, the famous Gold. For those who do not know World of Warcraft Token is affordable in auction with prices ranging between 70k and 120k according to the demand / supply law.

But let's proceed with order, to get started you will need of:

  • 1 level 100 character with mining (skill level 1 is also fine)
  • the latest expansion: Legion
  • the active account
  • about 5-10 hours per month to be thrown to implement this artifact
  • the addon Hop Server quietly downloadable from HERE or via the Curse Client
  • (optional) the addon Auctionator (downloadable from HERE) to put your chisels more comfortably. It sounds like a spit I know.
Stormwind is fantastic and the first horn that opens its mouth will rescure up to ragequit
Stormwind is fantastic and the first horn that opens its mouth will rescure up to ragequit

The method, completely legal, exploits the use of realm hop designed by Blizzard to switch servers depending on the party within which you are located. Obviously Blizzard did not contemplate this use, but that's all.

The starting point will be Dalaran, the city from which you will go to Crimson Thicket through the griffin-taxi in about 2 flight minutes. Once you arrive you will need to proceed straight ahead to the entrance of this cave / Pandora pot (shown in video the street).

Once the mining tour has ended, use the key Random hop Server Server hop to switch from server to server and reload the mines, you can go back to Stormwind with the Heartstone to put everything in the auction. Do not be in a hurry to sell, you will only lay down your work, after all, you have a month.

And even Dalaran has his because ...
And even Dalaran has his because ...

Pro type: use the key Clear Blacklist (the round arrow of the refresh to enter) to go back to the servers where you have been previously, this should be done about every 20-25 "hoppate" or every 10-15 minutes depending on the degree of altbiblium you are using.

Here's done, tutorials finished, with an average of about 5-10 hours you'll have yours nest egg Gold to buy your most legitimate and so much sought after World of Warcraft Token.

That said, you spread the verb and you go to Azeroth.