Long life to 'Accattino! Welcome to my dear friends tyrannosaurus, more for short arms than for ferocity. Like many of the free or heavily discounted games I also propose this will be redeemable on Steam.

Right in by FEELS
Right in by FEELS

Today I propose you the best X-COM: UFO Defense FREE on the Humble Store, you can find it by following this linkBut hurry up, the gift remains for a few hours!

The masterpiece of Microprose dated 1993, has begun the entire famous saga that has now come to the "second" chapter, of course, I refer to the majestic XCOM 2 developed by Firaxis and produced by 2K Games. Truly a pearl immanent for any enthusiast. Do it as long as you are in time, you will not regret it!

Signed, The Passenger.

PS: I'm referring to the previous crap that she covered XCOM 2 at a price highly advantageous! Click HERE!