Blizzard Games Free. or almost, I can already read the flame in the comments about the "clickbait" title. The most affectionate and ruthless sparagnosauri they will not be afraid to take that road.

Remember when I talked to you about it METHOD TO PLAY FREE at World of Warcraft? (click on the link on the side to watch the video or read the guide about it!).

Well this method has evolved and will allow us to shortly play and / or shop in the street FREE SHIPPING anything present on except for the merchandise physical.

Basically, thanks to recent changes, coming in the coming days, to the Balance system, it will be possible to exchange the World of Warcraft Token obtained using the above method, to buy full games such as Overwatch, Starcraft e Diablo, to buy in-game items such as Covers on Overwatch, Level Boost for Characters WoW even card packs up Hearthstone.

What a nice bow.
What a nice bow.

The only restrictions apply to the currency that will obviously be tied to the country of residence of the account holder Exchange this Token will make you automatically 12,99€ on yours balance.

I do not know if this escamotage will stay forever, but as reported by GM Blizzard that I contacted seems to be so.

For more information, refer to these two official pages: Incoming: Use WoW to recharge your balance e Restrictions on the balance, here you will find every specific information you will need!

Have fun dear companions sparagnosauri!