Those who know me know it well. If there is one thing I can not afford when talking about video games, in addition to football, titles that run every year, to DLC and digital delivery, it's just the first person. I'm talking about the literary, typical shooting shoot and horror adventures that have been seen so much in recent years.

RESIDENT EVIL 7: biohazard - Review

I'm not particularly involved in the succession of all those Japanese and Western Japanese horror titles that so much depopulate between youtubers, but I can say I'm always particularly interested when it comes to RESIDENT EVIL. I certainly do not consider myself a huge fan of the series, I do not remember the chronological order of all the events involving Umbrella, STARS and beautiful company, but it is a series that has always attracted me, willing or nonsense, since the beginning. I remember with nostalgia those moments when it was discussed with friends and cousins ​​of much feared "Game with zombies" on the first PlayStation, of the games faced together with them, in a primitive co-op mode which consisted in: "Hold your pad, run and shoot, that you have good reflections; I'll tell you where to go and how to solve the puzzles ". The second episode, the one that saw the protagonists of the young Leon e Clear, was the first we managed to bring, without a few difficulties, to completion. Non-dead, nightmares, strategic shots, broken glass, crows, dogs, but most of all the limited rescue and the few ammunition were able to completely absorb my attention and spend hours and hours without that I realize it. There are not many games nowadays that are capable of so much: I rarely manage to close for a full day, a hand controller, without boring or wanting to get up and do something else to break the game. Well after all these years I can say with pleasure that RESIDENT EVIL remains one of those.


After half-hearted exponents released in recent years, CAPCOM has decided to revive one of its diamond tips by reinventing it and inspiring the ultimate generation video gambling horror, and in particular PT, a demo of the ever-born Silent Hills di KONAMI e Hideo Kojima. However, if I originally thought CAPCOM's last effort to recant in a shameless way the short and decisive experience he saw protagonist N, I continued to find many of the elements that made the saga borne by Shinji Mikami, though revisited under a more modern key and in line with the times dictated by the internet mode.

RESIDENT EVIL 7: biohazard, which for the first time uses the Japanese name within the title (and vice versa, the Japanese use ours) it works virtually perfectly. From the fixed frameworks of the first three chapters and from the visual close to the next, we will look at the world directly from the eyes of Ethan Winters, the unlikely protagonist who will find himself struggling to survive in a somewhat atypical situation for veterans of the saga. Of Ethan we will not know absolutely nothingunless he is contacted by his wife, who disappeared three years before without leaving any trace. The cryptic message will push him to go to Louisiana in an abandoned villa wrapped in a malevolent aura, subject to multiple and controversial disappearances in recent years. It will be just the first few moments past our car to throw in the most total anxiety: from the moment we cross the threshold of Villa Baker we will be pervaded by a sense of restlessness that will grow minute after minute, until we become aware of its inhabitants, grotesque human beings and character not really friendly. From here things will only get worse: after being literally kidnapped by the crowd Jack, the whole family will offer us his warm hug welcome, and then try in every way to kill us. Ethan's aim will be to find Mia and get away from that horrible place, but obviously things will not be so easy.

Talking in terms of gameplay, we will leave practically naked, gathering weapons and useful objects throughout our adventure, together with the inevitable documents that will make us discover progressively all the backgrounds that will not find themselves in the main story.

Hehe ... offers.

In the first moments of play RESIDENT EVIL 7 It almost makes us believe, initially, that something supernatural is moving the threads of our tormentors, a demonic entity like in PT, which would definitely clash with everything that BIOHAZARD has represented up to this point. Going forward, setting ourselves inside the Baker home-based microwell and using our eyes in the darkest darkness, our anxiety will leave us gradually aware that in reality what we are experiencing on our skin is not so different from what happened to the inhabitants of Raccoon City many years before. If the first jump-scare I managed to whistle and invoke the name of several pagan gods, after too many hours of play I managed to anticipate and wait for the inevitable, in a sense I could understand that by then that self-rescue icon he would leave the place for an unforeseen one that would have to catch me by surprise and force me to change the underpants.

I got the impression that RESIDENT EVIL 7: biohazard he wanted to frighten us mainly in the initial stages, leaving us defenseless at the mercy of a group of seemingly immortal deranged madmen, and then giving way to sections more times to exploration, backtracking, solving puzzles (few, not too difficult and sometimes even resembled the same as the head of the saga) and, of course, the fights against the horrid creatures that we will find waiting around the corner. Despite the lack of iconic zombies (and now we should be accustomed) our patience will be put to the test by the relentless and persistent desire to kill us of the inhabitants of the house, but also by the usual mutations and creatures of the most unidentified appearance typical of the franchise, from which we can defend ourselves by brandishing survival kits, simple guns, devastating gun rifles and additional tools from the destructive power that will save us on numerous occasions. Clearly, in difficulty Normal, the presence about plentiful ammunition and healing items at strategic points ruins somewhat the sense of survival, but I assure you that most of the time you will be extremely happy to find another box of bullets and a medical herb after escaping from the previous fight. Think a little, in mode Asylum, the one of greatest difficulty, we will also have the bailouts counted, like the good old days.

Scenes of everyday life at home away from home students.

The seventh RESIDENT EVIL is the one with the most cinematic cut, whether for the extreme realism with which the ambitions and key characters are represented, whether for the perfect integration of the cutscene within the gameplay, or for the spectacular and memorable bomber conflicts, probably between the things I loved the inside of the game. Even the videotapes (almost all optional) that we will find within the magus will become one with the main story: while putting ourselves in the role of characters sometimes strange to the protagonist, they will often be more scary than the adventure itself, mainly because of the lack of weapons to defend themselves , but also for that awareness that the poor man is going to end up being captured, tortured, or even killed. Experiences we hope do not have to repeat in our dreams the next night ... as perhaps it has already happened to me, a few nights ago.

Too bad we cannot say the same of the game phases that anticipate the final portions which, in the role of the protagonist who, in the last and obligatory videotape, will irremediably end up boring us and make us hope to soon reach the conclusion of everything; fortunately, after this long torture dotted with uninspired moments, we will be rewarded with a succession of clashes and twists that will leave us very satisfied with the arrival of the credits.


What to say if not that, despite the in, I feel very pleased with RESIDENT EVIL 7? Despite, after playing it, I had the impression of having experienced a spin-off, events collateral to those who have always seen people like chris e Jill or antagonists such as Wesker, I realized how it left an indelible mark inside me: with any of the two endings we will end our experience, rest assured that we will always carry in our hearts a title that certainly has not tarnished the name it bears, as you probably thought of the fifth or sixth chapter. Would it have been equally appreciated by the public had it not been a RESIDENT EVIL? We do not know: the only sure thing is that finally CAPCOM has made justice to one of his most beloved series, even though having revolutionized it radically and probably cutting once and for all bridges with the past.

Compatible with virtual reality only in its version PlayStation 4, RESIDENT EVIL 7: biohazard is also available on Xbox One e PC; I just had to try out the first game moments wearing a PlayStation VR and I've completed the adventure in mode "normal", pad in hand, in about eleven hours. However, with some experience with the genre and not collecting all the extras, it is possible to almost halve the duration of the base game, which can be increased with the release of paid DLCs (such as the Banned Footage Vol. 1 e 2 available) and free (Not a Hero, coming in spring). Are you ready to find out which dark mysteries hide Villa Baker?

I love you so much too.
I love you so much too.