It will also be one of the best tamarers of the whole roster of Tekken, but surely he remained carved in the hearts of the affectionate, especially those who, like me, pressed keys to foul of canine. I'm talking about him guys, Eddy Fat.

The dear Capoeira wrestler has been confirmed as the last playable character, in the video we also notice two brand new internships.

I remind you that the game will be available from June 2 2017 on platforms Steam (PC), PlayStation 4 e Xbox One.


I leave you with a brief excursus on the famous fight saga.

"Tekken (鉄 拳? lett. "Iron Punch") is a shotgun 3D developed and produced by Namco. Tekken is the name of the martial arts tournament in which the protagonists are fond of playing the title of "The King of Iron Fist Tournament", or less literally translated as "Re of the Tekken Tournament ").

Originally it was a arcade game (coin-op from the game room), later converted to PlayStation for the first time in 1995, which is one of the first games released for the Sony console even before Wipeout. It will emerge from one of the luckiest video games of the world with titles that will become among the most popular and famous of the Sony console contributing greatly to its success. Graphics were better than most of the video games of the time: the only title of the same kind of level, prior to Tekken, was Virtua Fighter, a game that also has an important aspect in common with Tekken, that is, realism in faithful reproduction of different (almost always existing) movements and fighting styles that characterize each of the characters in the game and are therefore a hub element.

The game already featured all the aspects that made the entire series famous Tekken: great fluidity, accurate graphics (for the time) and quick matches. Some single attacks are particularly devastating and the combos allow you to score even a dozen consecutive shots. In fact, if compared to those of many other titles of the same genre, even those of great success such as for example Street Fighter II (not counting the 2D / 3D graphics), the rounds in which players challenge tend to be much shorter.

The saga, which started on the first Playstation, continued with successive chapters on all Sony consoles as they came out. The chapters on PSX were three: Tekken, Tekken 2 e Tekken 3, the next three are on Playstation 2 and are: Tekken Tag Tournament (first non-canonical chapter of the saga because out of the official continuity of the game), Tekken 4 e Tekken 5. Then it was time to Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection for PSP, one of the first games released for Sony's portable console, and considered one of its finest masterpieces for both gameplay and graphics and gameplay. This release also released a subsequent download from PSN (PlayStation Network) and then playable on Playstation 3 called Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online. Today, therefore, the saga continues on the PS3 with the last canonical chapter that has been released so far: Tekken 6, this chapter will no longer be exclusive to Sony's console (except for Tekken Advance for Game Boy Advance) but will also go to Microsoft as well Tekken 6 also came out for Xbox 360. This chapter also came out for PSP, later also released a rather significant update that even adds new characters and is called Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. Finally they have just added the saga too Tekken Tag Tournament 2 e Tekken 3D: Prime Edition for Nintendo 3DS.

From 15 June 2011 you can download Tekken for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable via PlayStation Network. "

Source Wikipedia