Here we are. Apparently, Dungeons and Dragons has also arrived the moment to give way to technology, renewing itself and, why not, improving itself. Of course, imagining a D&D without paper, pen, pencil (not to be underestimated), other paper, another pen that you will have to lend the first, other paper but above all other paper seems impossible. Yet the turning point now seems inevitable and is indeed imminent: it is in fact yesterday the announcement with which Wizards of the Coast presents to the world the new digital toolset called D&D: Beyond.

Thanks to the partnership with Curse (a Twitch company that deals with management tools), D&D will have this new resource available in the form of an app for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Compatible with the fifth edition of the manuals, will contain a compendium of the rules, card and builder for the character. All he needs, in short.

Although attempts at "digitalization" in the past have been made (official and not, as the very first Advanced Dungeons and Dragons CD-ROM Core Rules of 1996), this time the times seem definitely ripe and could bring new life to the famous board game. So let's ask hardcore gamers and aficionados of all kinds: what do you think? We believe that the software does not necessarily distort the game but, if done well, it could really bring a little 'more comfort. Of course, it would probably lose its setting ... but we should first try to find out. In any case it would just be an addition and we would always be free not to use it.

The application is in BETA and you can register HEREBelow is the official presentation video.