No news has been leaked since Universal Picture bought Gears of War franchise rights last October to make it a movie. Today we may have a new and interesting one. As reported by the magazine Variety, Universal has confirmed the engagement of screenwriter for Avatar, Shane Salerno, to take care of the film dedicated to Gears of War. We are talking about a really prominent name and growing: in addition to being currently involved in Avatar sequels on behalf of James Cameron, he has an active film such as "Armageddon" and "Belve" by Oliver Stone.

Not only. Salerno will be accompanied by production from Dylan Clark (producer of the "Apes Planet" series), another definitely non-secondary name.

Gears of War

As already mentioned at the beginning, unfortunately news has not yet come out many; in particular, we do not know anything about the plot. We do not know if the true story of Gears of War will be adapted or if, as with Assassin's Creed, only the universe will be used to create an unreleased story. For the rest, there remains the fear that each of us cultivates, with good reason, towards projects like these: the fear that a crazy c **** comes out (cit.).
The premise, however, this time seems to be different and potentially better. Personally, I guess just keep track of the story already written, perhaps with some "easter egg", would make it easier and more appreciative.