Directly from a post on the Square blog Enix, directly from DONTNOD Entertainment (creators of the famous title), a deadly breaking news arrives.
The post in question refers to a Youtube video uploaded a few hours ago from the official channel of "Life is Strange" entitled: "A special message from DONTNOD Entertainment" . And special is really it.

After about 50 seconds of various thanks, in fact, comes the dry, direct, unequivocal phrase that many of us were waiting for: "What we can share today is the fact that we are working on a new title "Life is Strange" with the same team. We can not wait to tell you

That is to say, the hype counter starts rising today. Whether you like it or not, Life is Strange has been so successful (personally deserved) and for many this will be a great news. But I do not give you any more time. Enjoy the video.