12 months have now passed since the release of Overwatch and an official event arrives to celebrate all together. To celebrate Blizzard has provided several novelties including one Free Weekend between 26 and 29 May where we can, accumulating experience and rewards, try all the champions and all the game modes for free.


Obviously, in the game, the new one will also come Anniversary event from 23 May to June 12 of which we still know little, but as every event we will surely find new emoes, sprays, jabs and skin as well as three new Arena maps announced by the team on Twitter with a short video.

To celebrate, Blizzard created a special version of the named game Game of the Year Edition which will contain many new features for both Overwatch and other titles Blizzard:

  • 10 Forzieri bonus for Overwatch containing random objects that can be used to customize the appearance of heroes, including emotes, victorious poses, audio, sprays and highlights, as well as personalization credits;
  • Patterns heroes for Overwatch inspired by the original assault team by Overwatch and with a decidedly vintage look like Reyes Blackwatch or Operational Commander Morrison and some the origins of other heroes including Bastion Awakened, Pharah Chief of Security and Tracer Slipstream!
  • Tracer comes up Heroes of the Storm!
  • A Little Winston Mascot will accompany you instead World of Warcraft;
  • Mercy will land in the lands of Diablo III and with his wings will help you defeat the demonic forces in Heavenly Paradise and the Inferno Fiammeggianti;
  • Game portraits for StarCraft II and the back of the overwatch cards for Heartstone!

After a remarkably high number of upgrades, new champions, unnecessary stories say how much this year has flown, and Blizzy's mom kept us coming back and celebrating him with all his fans!