How to make it a Pokémon, completely useless as Magikarp, at least vaguely bearable after so many years? I would say that they were successful and between the exit of Switch and the next the arrival of the legendary Pokémon Go, Nintendo delights us with one mobile really cute and simple.

Here the funny enough idiot fish out of water, will be our protagonist in an absurd jumping high jump, which provide great care by his coach. In practice, we will again beating this league without using Charmender (or as in my case a single Pikachu OP) but a simple fish and its fabulous jumps. The jokes played by the game include several things, first of all the game fishery and care of our (or our) Magikarp. In fact we will come across lots of different fish, for colors and decorations, and given the likelihood of incidents or retreats of a trained Magikarp, we will have the chance to continue playing with new generations of monsters without losing the progress they made! Also important will be the others Pokémon, like the famous Pikachu, who will come to us during the workouts and often they will bring food or gifts to our friend, also wanting in-app buyable.

Each of our goals can also be shared with our friends through photos (and the obvious screenshots). The app is available both on App Store that of Google Play already from today. What else to say, I attach the game trailer and win the best!