The 19 May the TG4 decides to broadcast the usual ISIS service, documenting the arrest of two Tunisian brothers who were respectively one in Foggia (and not Bari, otherwise Fraws is inhaled ... Foggia!) and one in Padua, guilty of having been honored by ISIS and in contact with Islamic fundamentalists. As we continue to say, our sympathy as incompetent Simona Peverelli (author of the service), then decides to remind us that in Puglia it is not the first time that the jihadist alarm has triggered. Here is therefore that shows us the old case of an Italian-Albanian worker arrested in Bari (province of Bari ... you just saved Fraws) explaining, among other things, the contents of his PC. Among these, a chapter of a world-famous saga known to virtually anyone: Assassin's Creed.
From here on, let me down.
Death of decency, journalism, and public service.
While some play scenes were played, our Simona in the background told the audience: "This is his favorite videogame, which simulates the ISIS attack at the Louvre in Paris." End.

Arno Dorian: a jihadist now known to law enforcement

The full bet was skillfully done removed from the official Mediaset channels; fortunately, the offense has been saved and put on Youtube by a number of users:

A warm, the first impressions which are spontaneous are mainly four:

1) Let's find out how and jihadists, in addition to having an obviously sad life, they do not understand a videogames. More sad
2) Damned TG4, you've been able to force me to take the defenses of Ubisoft
3) Mediaset has serious problems with the choice of authors and auditors
4) We can not complain if people talk about things they do not know when even those who should deal with telling things to others ("journalists") do not know them in turn

From this last point, the starting point for the whole article. I do not want to be here to talk for the thousandth time how public opinion continues to understand absolutely nothing of video games, continuing to speak unkindly and disrespectfully. However, I want to start from this and use it as an example first of all to remind you one thing: Do not make the same mistake by Simona Peverelli. I ask you please. Do not talk, do not do it, for things you do not know or that you do not know about. Please do not. "Everyone in his place." But not for arrogance or elitism: on the contrary, in favor of a healthy and correct self-criticism. You can not and should not be expert in anything, do not blame yourself. Why remember, Misinformation as well as highlighting the ignorance of those who pronounce it can potentially create incalculable damage to knowledge or collective salutation (see anti-vaccineists).

Speaking of damage, let's move on to the last reflection from which this editorial takes its title. Of damage that service probably made several. Ten damn seconds will be able to convince grandparents, uncles, parents unaware of all Italy that a video game in particular prides itself on terrorism. So I want to make you think about how, potentially, anything that is given to us by newspapers, news broadcasts, radio can be a crazy crap (cit.). So I want you to think about how easily and with great speed anyone, who is a renowned information channel or your cousin, can make us believe true or false things to your liking. Here we touch another key point: ignorance. Because in this case we are not talking about the manipulation of information wanted by heads of government, the illuminati or the secret services: here we talk about manipulation of information due to the ignorance of Mrs Simona Peverelli, "journalist" of TG4. Of course, that the means available to a journalist make it considerably more dangerous for the safety of Truth is obvious, but it is also true that each of us must do its part, and I refer you to the previous warning. You could end up in Simona.
I want to ask you a question: if ignorance alone, in good faith (hopefully they would not take the video) and disorganized, can do such a thing, you can imagine how much damage and how much manipulated information would be able to create a service created ad hoc with the awareness and ability to do it? Can you imagine how easily public opinion can be addressed from one side or the other to more important issues of video games, such as political and / or social issues? Do you have the idea of ​​the amount of nonsense that you are still absolutely sure at this very moment?

When you get to this point you are spontaneous asking yourself: "Who controls the controllers?". Nothing is easier. You. Are you. You have to check the TG4, the RAI, the Courier and any other means of information. Such as? With what we can finally proclaim the cure to all this: knowledge. Knowledge that will be searched, compared and finally chosen: you, and not the TG4, will be direct masters of your thoughts, your judgments, your life. Certainly it is a difficult task that will require constancy and determination, but the choice is yours only: Servants of your life or finally your masters?