But how much do you want him to do this Accattino? I thank you again for submitting me to reports, but this time I came before you.

I'm your turn Accattino you propose in a fast and easy way, I write you by phone at the moment, do not have it against me, PayDay 2.

First I explain to you what the matter is, and then I tell you what, where and how.

Tell me, is not it crazy enough?
Tell me, is not it crazy enough?

Is one shooter in person to play with friends in a mode Coop vs AI (not the supermarket Coop look good).

You are master robbers with turbo equipment and you have to rob banks and the like, to reach targets, all in time and with waves of enemies getting harder.

Before I go back to the base however I warn you, the basic game has certain maps etc, but once finished, the replayability is in my opinion quite low, you will have to bend to the sick system of the dlc.

Now let's go where and how, Steam, free, up to 21. But I'm still there 5 millions of available keys, so although time itself is a lot, the greed of the players will be even more.

I ask venia again for the meager article and maybe with some typo, but you know these automatic correctors are very "meh".

Have fun at all, I love you,

your Accattino of trust