The presentation of Nintendo transmitted for this E3 2017 has made the joy of many players around the world. In particular, those who consider themselves passionate about the adventures of the blonde bounty hunter known as Samus Aran: we are just talking about METROID! For those who had lost their direct yesterday, and the Treehouse which aired shortly afterwards, the Kyoto home announced two new titles for the saga for too long.

The first of these is METROID PRIME 4, a sequel to the trilogy developed for GameCube and also landed on Wii. It will come up Nintendo Switch during 2018, but apparently it will not be developed by Retro Studios like the previous chapters, but by a team of new developers, according to the hallway entries, inside Nintendo itself. Of PRIME 4, unfortunately, we know nothing else and we only have to satisfy ourselves with the teaser trailer that we include below.

METROID PRIME 4 - Teaser Trailer

The second, a bit sneaky in the Treehouse that followed the Spotlight, is a remake of the second original title of the series, originally released on Game Boy It is entitled METROID II: Return of Samus. This remake will bear the name of METROID: Samus Returns and will see the light up Nintendo 3DS the next September 15th, followed by a couple of new amusements (Samus and an alien creature) and a special edition (not yet confirmed for Europe). The development of this remake is entrusted to the Spaniards of MercurySteam, already authors of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate for Nintendo 3DS e Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Below you will find the ad trailer, which can also be downloaded on 3DS and visible with the active stereoscopic 3D.

METROID: Samus Returns - Ad Trailer