During the seventy-seventh Annual Meeting for Shareholders, held in the last 24 hours, Tatsumi Kimishima (current President of Nintendo) is Shigeru Miyamoto (game designer who gave birth to Mario and other iconic games of the company) both expressed the desire to invest in feature films. In particular, the two big pieces of the Kyoto House intend to invest in the creation of new animated transpositions for the company's most important franchises. However, unlike, for example, shorts made for the promotion of Pikmin 3, distributed on payment Wii U e Nintendo 3DS, they could be distributed free of charge, or integrated within the games themselves.

About Kirby, which this year celebrates its first twenty-five years, Kimishima said openly: "We will invest in the realization of a film" and Shigeru Miyamoto added "We would like to make souls for Pikmin, Star Fox, Yoshi, and more."

Nintendo is not new to the creation of animated productions born to promote their titles. You remember the cartoons of Super Mario, Kirby e The Legend of Zelda? However, we are ready to bet that what has remained more embossed, if you were born and raised between the late 80 and the early 90, it was bizarre "A video game for Kevin", a true poster of the NES era.