The first Half-Life received a small update. The patch was made available on Steam a few hours ago and fixed some issues (small and large) reported largely by community members (who are thanked one by one in describing problems). Here's the list:

  • Fixed crash when entering certain malformed strings into the game console. Thanks to Marshal Webb from BackConnect, Inc. for reporting this.
  • Fixed crash when loading a specially crafted malformed BSP file. Thanks to Grant Hernandez (@Digital_Cold) for reporting this.
  • Fixed malformed SAV files allowing arbitrary files to be written in the game folder. Thanks to Vsevolod Saj for reporting this.
  • Fixed a crash when quickly changing weapons that are consumable. Thanks to Sam Vanheer for reporting this.
  • Fixed crash when setting custom decals

As pointed out by several careful eyes, many of the issues that patch notes refer to occur especially when using the console and other files that rely on the mods. Valve may have wanted to make life easy for these and their creators.


Now let's go to the most interesting part but, now and sadly, more "speculative" and hypothetical. Could this patch have something to do with the arrival of a third chapter? One thing is certain: Valve never does anything by accident. Upgrading AFTER 19 YEARS such a title is not casual, especially knowing how much interest and desire the community has long followed Half-Life.
Normal technical management? Obviously not. Do you see that they still care about all their projects? Probably. Do you go back to talking about the saga and attract attention instantly? Surely, and they have succeeded.
They are just hypotheses, of course, but they simply answer questions that could legitimately arise in the face of such a case. It would be stupid to not do it and try not to read between the lines, as it would be thought to have discovered the truth. Two questions so we made it ... and you?