Developers of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds are about to release a mode "only first-person view"For their game, with a big update this month.

The ability to switch the room from the first to the third person allowed at special moments to peek around the corner in a totally unrealistic way, thus giving a great advantage to the players who could abuse it (think when the opponents succeed to see you behind your favorite corner and start cursing as Turks because you do not understand how they did to see you).

The new servers will therefore not have the option to make the room switch, trying to balance the game for all participants in the "Royal Rumble by 100 Men" created by Bluehole.

The confirmation comes from a tweet by Brendan Greene, who also stated that these new servers will be available at the beginning only for European and North American regions, and only for modalities ONLY and DUO.

The time to test the impact on the game and will be extended to both the other regions and mode SQUAD.

At the same time, aware that subjective animations are at least "subdued", the development team Playerunkown's Battlegrounds He promised to work hard on it before the release of this patch, partly because it was not expected that they would implement this mode so soon.

PUBG first person
Of course driving with this stuff on it should not be easy!

The choice of these servers will be completely optional by the players, but of course you are trying to allow players with higher (or just more correct) skills to compete with people of their own level (or moral carat!).

In addition, another great novelty is the insertion of a FOV Slider, that is, the ability of the user to change the visual field, thus meeting the demands of many players (showing that the feedback given by the community to the game is very much taken into account).

The likely date of this massive update should be Thursday July 27.