Blush your eyes, you are not dreaming. It's all true. Kingdom Hearts 3 has a date and is not the 2050 !!!

During the last D23 (Disney Home Expo), Disney and Square Enix have given so many and good news about the most anticipated title of recent years.

Now that you have enjoyed the trailer well, you will have already noticed the presence of the first world Pixar (acquired by Disney in the 2006) within a title Kingdom Hearts and it could only be the world of Toy Story.

In addition you can also see the first tastes of the "Organization XIII", The main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Among other worlds to note also those dedicated to Big Hero 6 and Tangled (Rapunzel in Italy), which are just one of the "original" releases of the Disney.

As for the date, at first there was now resigned to wait for the 2020 (in fact, previous statements had made it clear that both Kingdom Hearts 3 and the remake of Final Fantasy VII would have seen the light by this date), instead the announcement tells us about the 2018.


One year only.

After waiting for 12 (Kingdom Hearts 2 is of 2005), I think ONLY one year of waiting is more than sustainable.

Now excuse me that I have a monkey to hype to calm down ...