Welcome to yours Accattino Dear friends sparagnosauri, today I will bring you a full game of full 90 Xmas style: Shadow Warrior: Special Edition, almost in conjunction with the most famous Duke Nukem, managed to gain a good slice of audience.

What I propose today is basically the reboot dated 2013 of the old Shadow Warrior, a real pearl highly appreciated by both historical and non-series fans. Without many other preamble I leave you with some screenshots to start overcoming the game, I'm sure you are anxious to slay demons with a katana. To receive the Key just click on MAGIC LINK Accattino and redeem it on your accounts.

I can not give you any more details just because I also did not even know about this title and I'm looking forward to the download being complete so that I can dive.

But the game seems damn funny and crude, but above all it is Free and redeemable on Steam to increase the number of your games. I remind you to spread the verb of 'Accattino and the next sparagnata!

I continue to thank you for the many reports you send me and all the affection shown, you are great!