Raise your hand who has never hit the "Razz"Of footballers (in general, of athletes with a lot of zeros) for the money they earn annually from their companies and sponsors.

As a great lover of football (I consider myself a true nerd in this field too), I have always said and repeated that if anyone deserves those wagers and, more importantly, a company is willing to spend them, we are a mortal thing it matters?

Theoretically nothing, but it is well known that one of the national hobbies on our part is the envy for those who are better than us (and I also understand it, we are only humans at the 70% salubrious, other than water).

All this preamble only serves as an engagement to a news that I went to find today regarding the famous Overwatch League that the Activision Blizzard (how strange I am writing Activision) has been standing for a long time to enter into the world of domineering E-Sports which is now growing exponentially.

Everything started years ago, with titles like Starcraft, Warcraft, Unreal Tournament, Quake, Counter Strike (we are at the turn of the new millennium) with which so many people have started playing video games for "work". Sponsored teams, events with television coverage (a phenomenon very common in Korea) and rich prizes in tournaments.

But there was always talk of just enough figures, nothing to turn their heads off, but they nevertheless made a further stimulus for the players to compete with each other and top.

In recent years, the phenomenon went hand-widening.

No more small self-financed realities (or some generous patrons, usually gaming house owners or video game shops), but an economical and professional system in their own right.

The boom we had had with the advent of the era Youtube / Twitch, where events E-Sports (linked to titles of various genres starting from FIFA / PES ending at league of legends, passing through titles like the same Overwatch) that has allowed you to increase money in circulation on this world, through the resale of advertising space, the monetization of the event view, and so on.

Returning to the news concerning the 'Overwatch League Blizzard (sorry,Activision Blizzard), has clarified some important details about how the teams and the league players will be paid.

The total bonuses of the Seasonings 1 will be 3,5 million dollarswith at least 1 million dollars guaranteed for the winning team.

Nothing to do with it 20 million dollars (yes, you read well, VERY MILLION) made available for you Dota 2, but i 3,5 million dollars allow to Overwatch League to enter the top 5 of the most important prizes available in a single tournament.

In addition to the bonus teams, teams will have to pay players a minimum of dollars 50.000,00 the year (I wrote something bad about the usefulness of studies and the gavetta, but I was self-cognizant), provide health insurance (eh, do you want to put a carpal tunnel untreated a week from the challenge for the first place?), a pension plan (in Italy we do not even have "workers"I think we've all been wrong in life," and, hearing it, you have adequate training facilities throughout the season (read, have to pay for rent or make a home available to keep them running steadily).

The 50% of the bonuses paid to the teams according to their performance will be redistributed among the players themselves.

The "transfer market"(I did not think of any other term) will have a clear window and will be opened from August 1 to October 30. Every team must have 6 to the 12 players on the list, and of course players can be scouted and hired anywhere in the world (who knows why I expect a lot of Asians around).

At the moment, the teams enrolled in the Overwatch League are 7, but they can grow before the start of this year, and together with the number of enrolled teams, it will probably increase the budget of 3,5 million dollars allocated to the present state.

So to make a very simple example, considering the 7 teams currently registered, using a redistribution of the bonus equally (meaning 500.000 dollars per team) and considering teams on average by 8 people, each player would get MINIMUM 50.000 salary dollars plus beauty of 250.000 / 8 = 31.250 dollars per head for a total of over 80.000 dollars the year (all calculated on minimum wages and the current budget but who tells me that the Leo Messi or CR7 of the video game is not already paid for its over 100.000 dollars a year if not more?).

- E-Sports by now they are a consolidated reality and the money that is now being turned into the environment is a tangible demonstration (moreover, we talk of a future inclusion of the category in the Olympics to understand the scope of the phenomenon).

Is the system economically sustainable?

Obviously there are those who think not (who but our dearest Micheal Pachter, the one who knows everything!) others say that in the future there will be real auctions for the distribution of television rights / streams of these events that will also pale the classic sports.

Here's Patchter in Dr. Male's case that shoots judgments on the gaming economy

We can only buy our t-shirt with name and number and cheer, or, as we read about the pharaonic salaries of our "loved"Players, cheat, adore and wonder what we could do with all that money.